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> Hi Sameer,
> I think you are on the right track in terms of laying out the use cases
> and relevant variables. A full matrix of options will be too complicated
> but we can list the main physical/HW variables and then put known
> deployments in each category.
> Something like:
> Server HW (RAM/Disk) - big, medium, little
> Bandwidth to Data Center -  big, medium little, none
> Bandwidth to Internet  - big, medium, little
> Power in school - enough for AP and 2 x servers, enough for one server
> max, not enough for any servers,
> Wireless access - Wireless AP, active attena, none
> Size of school - 10 - 50, 51 - 100, 100 - 200

200 - 400, 400 - 600 , ... (I am thinking  server clusters - red hat cluster suite is offering some nice tools which I never got a chance to use / try - thinking 3 servers with fail-over and increased performance for clients (like two servers actually doing something...) would be a starting point)

Birmingham is looking at 49 schools with a total 14,000+ students. The pilot school has new infrastructure (like multiple lines of cat5 wiring to every classroom) and ~600 students. This may not resemble the first third world pilots, but once you start targeting the metropoles, I'd expect student numbers to exceed this by far. I imagine that the current pilots were chosen with a real chance of success in mind and not for largest possible immediate (numerical) impact (no blame).

I can only guess about infrastructure in large city's (e.g. Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, you name it...) elementary schools, but remote peruvian / himalayan mountain schools (please don't think I am looking down on your enormous efforts) are just one side of the coin. I am not argueing against those remote location pilots, they will undoubtedly give very valuable insights on the primary needs of any deployment and thus help preparing for the "big use cases", but also please don't sacrifice large scale deployments for the quick / "easy" fix.

> Could be more precise numerical values too.

( / larger)

> After that we don't need a cross product of all variables. We can just
> look at known constraints on SW and services based on that. 
> E.g. You could say, if the best HW you can get is 512MB RAM and you only
> have power for one box and you have medium BW to the data center you
> should move squid to the data center. Or a simple one like, if you have
> 200 kids in the school you need a wireless AP.
> I have deliverables for Uruguay web site building tool due this week so
> my OLPC "spare" time is up and I need to pass the buck for now :-)
> If you have a chance you could use the talk page at:
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_Server_Specification
> Or talk page at:
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_Server_Services
> Carol,
> I did not realize that you are a teacher using Xos to teach! That gives
> your comments special weight so please keep commenting from your real
> world perspective.
> Thanks,
> Greg S
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> That's a great idea. A use case taxonomy for different environments,
> including the non-OLPC centric ones as Carol pointed out. I have to run
> off to a meeting...can someone start a wiki page for this? Starting at
> the use case as opposed to software packages makes a lot more sense to
> me. Use case establishes the specifics of the need, and that will then
> lead to the selection of packages, Moodle or otherwise.
> Sameer
> > So in the school I will deploy in two weeks I am using a commercial 
> > access point, but the number of xos is small (4).  Fast access to the 
> > net is possible in general but must be heavily restricted for the 
> > kids.  I don't expect OLPC to tailor networking solutions to my 
> > situation (I'm calling it 4/20s laptops per child), but I do think my 
> > need for an easy to build local website  is transferrable to the 
> > general case.  Personally, I'd love a drupal expert to configure it as
> > an rpm for the server, so that it could be cleanly and simply 
> > installed in the school server environment.
> >
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- Stefan

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