[Server-devel] Testing Plan for XO's (Marten Vijn)

Bryan Berry bryan.berry at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 04:07:13 EDT 2008

> post-it's?
> http://solutions.3m.com/3MContentRetrievalAPI/BlobServlet?locale=nl_NL&univid=1114275981766&fallback=true&assetType=MMM_Image&blobAttribute=ImageFile&placeId=7BC6E48B1800BAE180A88E4927002D39&version=current
> or as poor man-solution "paper masking tape" 
> http://www.tapemarkt.nl/upload/img/1_Maskeertape%2080%20136.jpg
> Marten

Good idea Marten, tried various kinds of tape this morning but none
stick the XO's nubby exterior. 

Hmm, we were thinking of giving the kids stickers so they can
personalize their XO's. unfortunately those stickers probably won't
adhere either

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