[Server-devel] Advice on Access Points

Bryan Berry bryan.berry at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 16:40:39 EDT 2008

Rafael wrote:

>btw what type of acces points would you recommend, i'd use Linksys

>but maybe another types would be better, are there specific references
>brands that would be better in your point of view ?

>or there are not strong feelings about one kind or another?.

Linksys are not recommended unless you load OpenWRT on them. Some "WDS"
problem which I don't quite understand.

Here is what Michail Bletsas wrote when I asked him the same question:

"The problem is mostly obvious on consumer APs with Broadcom radios (the Linksys WRT54 being the most common) and is not an XO specific problem anymore. 
Any application that generates multicast traffic will trigger storms in environments where many such access points are deployed in the vicinity of each other. 
Most enterprise Access Points will work just fine because they allow for fine control of WDS. 
Since we assume a limited budget here, I will stick to consumer and prosumer grade gear. 
A good starting point should be the DLINK DWL-2100AP which uses an Atheros Chipset. "

Our Networking guy Dev intends to use a 12 dbi omni-directional antenna
from Deliberant Networks.We are using a Deliberant DLB-2701 as the
access point. It costs roughly 100 euro and has a range of 12 km in
ideal conditions. It operates in the 802.11 b/g wifi range. 

There are more details on our pilot project page
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Bashuki_Journal and Bishwamitra_Journal

You can reach Dev at   devm at nepalwireless dot net for more precise
questions and he also reads this list.

hope this helps


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