[Server-devel] Blog post on Nepal's pilot schools

Greg Smith (gregmsmi) gregmsmi at cisco.com
Mon Mar 10 18:18:39 EDT 2008

Hi Bryan,

Great blog and information. Thanks a lot for sharing it!

I'm counting on you to keep gathering info and sharing all the details
of how this deployment goes. I want to know how the kids like it, what
the teachers think, what they want next, what they like and don't like.
Everything that will help adapt and improve the overall solution!

Great idea to put Squid and dansguardian in the school HQ! However, I
was unsure from your blog how much BW they have in each school. Do you
have a rough number for that?

They say that 1Mb/s works fine in Uruguay for schools of several hundred
students. However, they take turns using the WAN so only one class is
online at a time. Also, I saw a presentation by someone who was at the
Mongolia deployment. He said they have 512Kb/s and that works fine there
too. Both of those are second hand info so not completely confirmed.

Based on that, I assume web/library surfing wont be an issue. The only
challenges I see are backing up Xos or delivering new XO images. I'm
told that delivering new images works well in Uruguay. I think there is
a mechanism to push-cache images to the school server so Xos stay on the
LAN/Mesh for upgrades. Can anyone confirm that?

If you want to backup over the WAN we need to think about that some
more. Kids love to take pictures and make videos so it could be a big
data flow.... 

On your wireless design, I heard a wireless test engineer (Gianni,
copied) talk about Mesh testing at OLPC HQ Sunday. I think he can help
you define the right configuration if you have open questions. 

Are you all set with the in-school wireless design using the Deliberant

I'm looking in to XO failure rates to help you size the spares pool. I
hope to have some feedback later this week.

What else do you need to get up and running in 4 weeks? 

Any open questions on XO imaging and initial XO test?

If you are done with technical school server questions for Phase 1, I'll
wrap up documentation on how to replicate a Nepal style school server
(we can brand it a Sulochan Special :-). 

Then its on to phase 2 design if that fits your and Martin's agenda or
I'll move to use cases and user requirements for XO. I will need
feedback from your teachers and your education team for that!


Greg S

PS I'll help do some fund raising too. Mostly amongst my family and
friends but send me the info and I'm good for a small check ASAP.

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Hey guys, I have posted two blog entries detailing Nepal's pilot schools
in some details


They should give you guys a somewhat better understanding of our
requirements. Also, I wanted to let guys like wad, Tony, and Greg know
that your assistance to us is going to a real school. 

Bryan W. Berry
Systems Engineer
OLE Nepal, http://www.olenepal.org

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