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Tim Moody timmoody at sympatico.ca
Fri Jun 13 15:55:38 EDT 2008

I'd like to wade in on the question of base SW for the XS server, especially as regards database support.  I think the principle should be to use the software with the most users and developers, and therefore the most support, unless there is a compelling reason not to.  So the popularity of LAMP/WAMP would suggest using mysql unless there is a strong reason to use something else, like postgresql.  Martin has argued strongly in favor of postgresql in http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=24831 (June, 2005), but he doesn't say which version of mysql and whether he is using innodb.  Greg Smith (? of EDuBlog fame) wrote a more neutral evaluation in http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Why_PostgreSQL_Instead_of_MySQL:_Comparing_Reliability_and_Speed_in_2007, which does take into consideration MySQL 5.x and innodb.  Even when I installed moodle using yum on XS build 163 it came bundled with mysql libraries, not postgresql.  So my question is, given that this is OLPC and not OLTP, are there still reasons not to use mysql in light of more recent improvements (not to mention purchase by Sun, which is both positive and negative)?

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