[Server-devel] Problems installing XS on new system for Uruguay

Tony Pearson tpearson at us.ibm.com
Thu Jun 5 12:31:32 EDT 2008

I'll try the "lspci" commands to see what it says.

What "dmesg" should I look for?   -- when I do: dmesg | grep "sd"[ab]  I 
get that it finds both /sda and /sdb individually, so not detecting the 
RAID mode.

The "autoinstall' fails either because of the Radeon X1200 or the 
"clearpart" command on Line 23.  I've burned a copy of XS-160-noauto if 
you want me to try that.

I've been scanning the Fedora forums for "dmraid" support, and it doesn't 
look like it has support for this SB600 SATA RAID controller.

Uruguay = EduBlog/Ceibal/Greg Smith.  I am building the server to Greg's 
request, so whatever he is now calling this project that is what it is.


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"Martin Langhoff" <martin.langhoff at gmail.com> 
06/05/2008 08:41 AM

Tony Pearson/Tucson/IBM at IBMUS
server-devel at lists.laptop.org
Re: [Server-devel] Problems installing XS on new system for Uruguay

2008/6/5 Tony Pearson <tpearson at us.ibm.com>:
> Hardware:

Nice hw! But the sata controler might not be supported. When you load
F8 64-bit or Ubuntu,

 - what does lspci say about the SATA controller?
 - what kernel module loads for it? (dmesg will name it)

> Problem 1:  I boot from XS-163.iso and select "Run from Image" (the 
> choice) and it claims that "ATI Radeon 1200" is not supported, and that 

It often complains about graphics cards. Nothing to worry about -
Compiz won't be enabled on the XS ;-)

> Problem 2: I log in as "root" and run the "./olpc-install" and it fails 
> line 23 saying "Specified nonexistent disk sda in clearpart command" 
with a
> big red button to "reboot". (see attached JPG file:  img_4751b.jpg for
> screen shot)

Recent images are "auto install" so you don't need to run olpc-install
by hand...

>  Would that work?  If I do that, would I be better off doing 
> instead or stay with the 32-bit version?

Unfortunately, we have a few custom packages that are compiled 32-bit
only (nothing too bad, just a recompile away) - but I think your
problem is with missing drivers in F7. Can you try installing F7

> Problem 3: the BIOS supports three settings:  IDE, RAID and AHCI.  With
> RAID, I can hit Ctrl-F to get to the FastBuild utility, and put the two
> drives into a single RAID-1 configuration, however, it does not seem 
> Linux recognizes that.  With the two drives as one Logical RAID-1 drive, 
> Linux treats this as separate /dev/sda and /dev/sdb drives.

No idea bout AHCI or fakeraid - sorry

Now - one point I'd like to understand better - when you say "for
uruguay" you don't mean the Ceibal team, right? (From OLPC
perspective, if you talk about schoolservers in Uruguay, the Ceibal
team is what I think of...). You are doing this for the Edublog
Uruguay team... yes?


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