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Pablo Flores

On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 5:34 AM, Tarun Pondicherry <
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> Hi,
>> *Creating a new blog
>> *
>>    * The login page isn't in spanish
>>  The UI can be switched to Spanish easily, this will be done in the next
> update after we get abiword working.


>>    * I'm not sure how to manage users with EduBlog.... I think we
>>      should start a wiki page to start documenting (and discussing
>>      it). Volunteers? :-)
>>  I'm not sure the best way either.  There are many many options.  I
> thought the easiest is to just do a bulk upload of all the students.  We can
> also allow students to register themselves or an admin to enter all of them.
>  Comments on which would be best would be really helpful.  Students also
> should only have to login once.

Yes, maybe the best way is making a registration form. Once the child is
registered, it shouldn't be asked the user/password everytime, it should
stay registered in the laptop.
One important feature would be letting children use different registration
systems, like OpenId... Having many user/password is very confusing for
children and even more for teachers!

>>    * In the "Adding a new OU blog" form, I can't access the "Manage
>>      Remote Blogs" button, it takes me to a page that says "Sorry,
>>      but you do not currently have permissions to do that
>>      ([[oublog:manageremoteblogs]]) More information about this error
>>      <http://docs.moodle.org/en/error/moodle/nopermissions>". *
>>  I will look into this, but you need teacher not student login.  If you
> are logged in as student, you would have to logout.

It doesn't work logged in as teacher.

>  Do teacher's and students share the same machine?

Let's assume that teacher do their managing tasks (creating blogs, etc.)
from their own laptops.

>>    * It would be better if some options could be hidden, like "Common
>>      module settings".
>>  This will be done in the next update.  There is button to show all the
> advanced options at the bottom if needed.


>  *New blog post*
>>    * From the moodle interface, I couldn't upload any picture. I
>>      could use the other interface
>>      (
>> http://edublog.venango.org/test/EduBlog/moodle/mod/oublog/editpost.php?blog=2
>> ),
>>      but with this one I cannot select the blog to post to. *
>>  For this demo, there was only one blog.  The jump to link at the top
> right was to be used to select other blogs.  Perhaps it should be
> repositioned?

Mmmh... students should select the blog in which they'll be working before
starting to write the post... otherwise could lead to a lot of confussion in
the class...

>>    * I tried to upload a Write document, but I couldn't from any of
>>      the interfaces (am I doing right? I tried to upload the file as
>>      an image).
>>  Not implemented yet, hopefully this will work after we get abiword on the
> server.


>  I also would like to summarize some points of how the daily work would be.
>> Let's see...
>>    * First of all, the teacher will have to get a user and password
>>      for the system.
>>    * The teacher creates a new blog using the interface
>> http://edublog.venango.org/test/EduBlog/moodle/course/modedit.php?add=oublog&type=&course=2&section=0&return=0
>>      <
>> http://edublog.venango.org/test/EduBlog/moodle/course/modedit.php?add=oublog&type=&course=2&section=0&return=0
>> >
>>    * All of her children have to get a user and password.
>>  Yes, and it will be saved on the XO so only needs to be entered one time.


>>    * Then, the teacher can propose some work to be done, for which
>>      children will have to make their posts to the blog. To do so,
>>      children will have to access to the blog page (the moodle one),
>>      and click on "New blog post".
>>    * As children submit their posts, the teacher will be able to see
>>      them in the blog page. Children will only see their own posts
>>      and the ones already approved by the teacher. Question: How can
>>      a child know if his post was approved?
>>  Hm, I did not think of this.  We could automatically post a comment
> locally.  What would you suggest?  I'm not sure how teachers and students
> communicate on the XO.

We discussed this issue time ago with some friends of a graphics design
company that was studying how children interfaces should be. The conclusion
we arrived to is that the best would be to remark the state of the post
graphically on the blog. For instance, keeping in gray the posts that are
still not approved. I don't know if it can be implemented easily.
Teachers could also use the comments form to give feedback, although the
most common way would be the straight talk in the class...

>>    * The approved posts will go public, depending on the
>>      configuration: If there is a remote blog configured (blogspot
>>      for instance), they will appear there. If it's local only, it
>>      will be seen by others, depending on the visibility
>>      configuration of the blog.
>> All agree with this?
> That looks to be all in accordance with what we are trying to implement.

Hahaha, ok!

I think the biggest problem we're facing at the moment, to let some teachers
test thoughtfully the application is that we should allow them to post
entries to their own blog, being able to upload pictures on them... which is
not possible at the moment. As soon as we solve this (allowing pictures
uploading from the moodle interface?), we will be able to get more feedback
from teachers.

One question: I'm working on the new home page for the blog,
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/EduBlog, isn't there any problem in putting the
passwords there for the moment?


> Thanks a lot for your input.
> Tarun
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