[Server-devel] volunteer for offline Moodle

David Van Assche dvanassche at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 01:53:06 EDT 2008

So the Google Gears rpm is finished (good lesson for me on how to package
for Fedora) and we are working on the final obstacle for Browse, which is
finding where in God's name the chrome subdirs are supposed to go... when
thats done, we can create the browse rpm too...

> So I have a slightly different plan :-)

This is great, but we should look for an interim solution to full blown
Offline Moodle, something we can start using soonish... But maybe what you
outline below is an interim solution... I guess we'll know when we start

> First of all - you will need a good familiarity with Moodle, how it is
> used, and how it works internally. I don't know how much you know
> Moodle - my notes below assume a reasonable knowledge of the internal
> APIs.
> The first stage of the plan is to work on the main "course" page -
> look into the "topics" course format. The first step is to make that
> course format AJAXy/Gears-y -- there is an AJAX version of it but I am
> not sure if it is any good.  The goal is to make it cacheable -- this
> is the "lesson plan" that Bryan was talking about a few days ago.
> Other good things may come with it (better ajaxy editing for teachers
> for example) but that is candy on the side. The main thing that *must*
> work well is being able to load that page when disconnected.

Remember that the Jolongo people have already done a lot of this work, so if
we can get a hold of what they've done, it might help. That said, they've
not responded to my mails in a while now...

> [I am not sure how to trigger that with GG - to hook into the browser
> and say "if host X doesn't seem present, load up this HTML+JS we
> cached here, under the privilege scope of the site.".]
> Together with the course format, we will want to make mod/resource
> gears-cacheable.

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