[Server-devel] Notes from first day in Mongolia.

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Thu Jan 17 09:39:17 EST 2008

Just some quick notes I threw together today so I didn't forget....

br0 has wrong IPv6 address -- link-local not site-local.
br1 and br2 seem to have the _same_ IPv6 address (or maybe I hallucinate)
Primary and Auxiliary servers have same set of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on each interface
Aux server shouldn't have on dummy0 (or eth0)

radvd not running by default, not configured to match the interfaces

Wireless module failed on first reboot:
 usb8xxx: USB in failure status: -71

RFE: Add a cat5 pinout guide. I didn't have internet to look it up.

Wireless penetration is extremely poor. We'll probably need mesh
repeaters -- it makes little sense to have so many servers.
Need mains->USB power adapters. Or preferably active antennae which we
can feed Ethernet with POE.

ssh login with password is broken.

Broadcasts on the mesh seem to take out connectivity, as seen in 1cc

Machines should power up automatically on AC 

Should print password and include in box. Again, no internet.

We need to remember to buy cable clips (for nailing cable to walls) as
well as the cable itself. And remember that many schools will have some
existing computers which we should wire up for internet access while
we're at it.


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