[Server-devel] 2 XS servers for Nepal

Tony Pearson tpearson at us.ibm.com
Sat Feb 9 01:55:04 EST 2008

I like your idea of having two XS servers. 

XS2 server for 2nd graders
XS6 server for 6th graders

(a) this has the advantage of running different library caches, different 
guardian-lists, etc. that are age-appropriate.
(b) if one XS fails, only one grade is affected.  That grade can then do 
"offline" activities with their XO.  Teachers will
still be able to do their work using the other XS, and if any student 
needs to update an activity, could be done on an
exception basis connecting to the other XS server.

On XS2 server
/var/www/html/index2.php   --- unique to second graders like "Welcome to 
2nd Grade OLPC class"
/var/www/html/moodle2    --- directory for moodle 2nd grade class lesson 
/var/www/html/moodle6    --- backup directory for moodle 6th grade class 
lesson plans (not used unless XS6 is down)
cron -- send moodle2 files over to XS6 machine

On XS6 server
/var/www/html/index6.php   --- unique to second graders like "Welcome to 
6th Grade OLPC class"
/var/www/html/moodle2    --- backup directory for moodle 2nd grade class 
lesson plans (not used unless XS2 is down)
/var/www/html/moodle6    --- directory for moodle 6th grade class lesson 
cron -- send moodle6 files over to XS2 machine

cron jobs could be used to SCP data between the two servers to backup each 
others lesson plans.

Teachers can access moodle directories as follows:


We can make /moodle point to the correct one on each machine.

I have found many disparate uses of both schoolserver and schoolserver1. I 
went and changed them all
to schoolserver for now. 

I also am getting the following errors at boot:
err1>   klogctl invalid parameter
err2>   username "gdm" unknown for system message bus
err3>   lighttpd (configfile.c.1136) base-docroot doesn't exist 
/var/www/idmgr (server.c.591) setting default values failed
err4>   hddtemp too few parameters
err5>   squid [FAILED]

If I find out any more, I'll let you know.

As soon as you have a new XS-LiveCD to test with, I would be glad to 
document all the steps fully, with either digital
photos of the screen (during boot) and screen capture shots (from SSH). 
Send me an email (tpearson at us.ibm.com)
when it is ready.


Tony Pearson
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AKA: 990tony Paravane, eightbar specialist 

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