[Server-devel] Understanding the network scripts on F7-based XS

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 18:44:36 EDT 2008

On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 4:47 AM, Jerry Vonau <jvonau at shaw.ca> wrote:
> Nice overview.


> That I can help with that also, I'm very (too?) familiar with shorewall,
> http://www.shorewall.net

that'll be cool -

>>  - Can we make the networking configuration work in a stable manner on
>> F9?
> Might just work, as is, with what you have now, just not with
> Network-Manager at the moment.

Note that it has some nasty interactions on F7 with netplugd, and that
results on us missing on some features. IE: we have to disable
netplugd, so we don't detect ethernet-cable-plugged-in events -- this
can be a prob if the WAN connection is set to use dhcp. And I assume
even internal interfaces might do something in connect/disconnect
events (flush arp tables?).

>> Do we need to hook into the events infrastructure so when an
>> ethernet cable gets plugged into an if we do the right thing? Could we
>> make it so that we autodetect and configure an AA on usb connection?
> That would be a Dbus/Network-Manager thing, your talking usb event driven
> responses here, right?

I'm not sure - whatever does event mgmt on headless server setups for
Fedora. I don't think it's NM.

>>  - Can we remove the service mgmt from it? :-)
> Sorry, can't find part that at the moment, which file?

Ah, just means I don't think chkconfig calls belong there -- low priority...


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