[Server-devel] XS server addons

David Van Assche dvanassche at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 04:07:24 EDT 2008

Hi there,
  This is bound to be a controversial email, but its a path we have
chosen to take in order to make the XS server more functional for a
wider audience:

1. Install Dansguardian for content filtering
2. Install Shorewall for trafficshaping, routing and firewalling
3. Install LDAP server (non encrypted) for centralised authentication
to email and moodle + whatever else...
4. Install postfix and courier for email
5. Install Webmin for overall (internal) gui manipulation of the server...
6. Install various server monitoring tools

The first 2 items are completed, and we are working on the others
now... if there is any interest in us documenting the steps to do this
stuff... please let us know.

David Van Assche,
OLE Nepal

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