[Server-devel] noob needs Poodle, Moodle, Drupal mentoring

Yama Ploskonka yama at netoso.com
Wed Apr 16 00:30:28 EDT 2008

To prepare to run a LAN during a translation / content fest hopefully 
soon to be announced I need to learn how to set up a server running at 
least Poodle and either or both Moodle and Drupal.
I have been hanging out in this list and even posting, hiding the fact 
that I have no idea on how to accomplish such a basic server task, so 
now you know, and, guess what, this gives you a chance to help me 
straighten up my act.

Please, do not point me to a web page, unless it's made by someone who 
has the limitations of us lowly noobs at heart, as to usability.  I 
tried to set up Moodle a while back, failed.

If you happen to be in the Austin area I can feed you a mean homemade 
pizza, in recognition.  I mean _deep_ crust.


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