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Thu May 31 19:19:44 EDT 2007

software and ISP companies.  I like Python and GTK.  Since 1993 I've
known PC hardware inside out.  In 1998 I was a security analyst of
significant scope. At my last job I set up a large, streaming video
installation at a colocation center and maintained 600 production,
Linux servers.  I often use FreeBSD in my own projects, but not
exclusively.  I'm currently in between jobs and determined to spend my
time constructively.
My CV is available to the organization upon request.

No one had told me, but i just found out that bluetooth isn't crummy
and the crummy things I was trying to previously make work were in
vain.  Please inform me what's not crummy in the future.

Regarding gstreamer, can someone indicate a URL in SVN where the trunk
or latest release is located?  Likewise, is anything checked in
regarding school server?

I've looked at the wiki for school server and it only mentions the
dependencies, and I've not heard about anything else.  Can anyone
summarize (in a response or separate heading) what is the intent and
scope of this project?

I get a sense that with the server sporting a PowerPC chip and the
wiki saying to "stay close to Fedora 7" you are asking for some
heartache.  OLPC software will easily build on other platforms like
i386 if you build your dependency programs and libraries yourself.
There are other benefits, too.

Feel free to contact me with anything with which I may assist.

Toby Knudsen

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