[Server-devel] testing out new packages on top of school server images

Toby Knudsen tobyknudsen at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 13:08:37 EDT 2007

Hi SJ,

> There has been some discussion of a two-step school server setup,

It would be great to hear what requirements that inspired this
discussion.  This helps to avoid the phenomenon of qualifying the
technical issue but missing the actual solution to peoples' needs.

> an installer that sets up core software on a new disk, and a set of
additional software that gets built on top of this (which might change
by region).  the latter may need its own package/project.

I feel ready.

> Is there a machine where people who want to test out additional software
can see what works?

VMware or Xen virtualization means never having to ask if there's a
machine available.  Userspace VMware has been working fine for me.

Let me know if I may be of any assistance with this.


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