[Server-devel] Current Status of the XS Build Process

Daniel Wyatt Margo dwm34 at cornell.edu
Sat Jul 14 14:05:24 EDT 2007

And here's the last update --

Late Friday I got a livecd with schoolserver's configuration pre-installed
on it to boot. Unfortunately, it didn't recognize the QEMU virtual drives
and I couldn't install it to disk. I think this happened precisely because
it had schoolserver's configuration, and there are some other known QEMU
bugs as well -- but anyway, I'll start playing with it on a real box

I was able to get a lot of data off of it. I took a diff --brief of it's
configuration files vs. schoolserver's - 60 files differed, and in total
there were 210 configuration files on schoolserver, so that's good. Most
of the differences made sense, things like the user groups or w/e that
were bashed during livecd-creator's kickstart install, and can probably be
fixed in postscript. I also listed all the rpms on the current livecd.
Both of these files are in my data repository.

I'll get the .iso itself up somewhere as soon as possible but right now my
internet connection is very spotty.

-- Daniel Margo

> I just added the config files I pulled off of sawzall and schoolserver to
> the data repository at
> http://dev.laptop.org/git.do?p=users/danmargo/livecd-data;a=summary .
> These are the config files that I've packaged and am trying to add to a
> livecd install. Whether or not they are the *only* configuration that is
> required to make a schoolserver is totally up in the air (RPM claims they
> are.) Once I get a basic build process working, we can begin finding out.
> - Daniel Margo

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