[Server-devel] RPM configuration packages

Daniel Wyatt Margo dwm34 at cornell.edu
Mon Jul 9 17:43:08 EDT 2007

I've written some code to help produce RPM configuration packages,
following the model laid out by wad and David Woodhouse. The git tree is
up at http://dev.laptop.org/git.do?p=users/danmargo/rpm-conf;a=summary .
There's instructions in the README -- you set some variables, point it to
a directory containing modified configuration files, point it to a fake
root, run a script and out pops an RPM. Installing the RPM puts the
modified configurations at fkroot/etc.olpc and symlinks them into
fkroot/etc. It respects user's configuration changes, clobbers RPM
defaults, and makes a lot of backups while it does its thing. I'm still
polishing out the code, but I thought everyone might like to know the
status of that.

I pulled a bunch of data off of sazwall as to what configuration
files/packages had been modified, pulled out those files and then packaged
them into an RPM using my code. My plan is to make a minimal Fedora7
livecd with those packages + the configuration package, and see how close
to a functional sazwall livecd copy that gets me. Probably pretty far, but
it's a start.

-Daniel Margo

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