[OLPC Security] Some anti-theft questions

Alexander Todorov alexx.todorov at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 02:21:25 EST 2008

Chris Ball wrote:
>    > 3. Another version on the above: only the half of laptops are
>    > activated and other half stays hidden instead of being activated?
>    > Counting the number of machines phoning home vs. the amount of
>    > shipped items can reveal such a fraud.
> The launch team at the school would be helping with the activation,
> so this sounds unlikely.  In any case, I presume we would report the
> missing number of laptops to the government, who would investigate.

I would not rely only on the government abilities/willingness to 
investigate. That may be a problem in some countries. I would prefer a 
monitoring solution and a body (say OLPC foundation) that will *force* 
the local authorities to do their job.


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