[OLPC Security] Grey Markets: differentiation of legitimately purchased laptops

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at vrplumber.com
Thu Oct 18 16:10:46 EDT 2007

Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
> Focusing back on the issue at hand:
>     We are looking at ways to provide a disincentive to grey-market
>     sales so that the perceived short-term value is reduced, in order to
>     allow the real long-term value to seem comparatively more valuable. 
>     The suggestion on the table is to alter the colour-specification
>     file during production of the G1G1 laptop runs so that they all have
>     a single distinctive xo-logo colour (white).  The regular run's
>     colour-specification file would then *not* include that colour
>     combination.
Official word from 1CC is that this change is not going to be possible 
in the short-term.  We cannot implement these changes for the first run 
this late in the process.  Which means the first run of G1G1 laptops are 
likely going to have regular colouration.  We will have to rely on other 
processes to reduce/mitigate black-market operations.

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  Mike C. Fletcher
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