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alien alien at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 8 18:19:30 EST 2007

Hi Stephen, 

I completely agree that the system should not come burdened down by
outside policies. Every system should, however, be included with
software that would easily allow a parent or teacher to locally review
online activity, chat buddies, etc, and set boundaries for use. I am
not looking at this at a country-wide level, but on the level of
individual students and their parents, who deserve to know what their
children are doing online, and who are the first line of defense
against any potential harm.


"Stephen John Smoogen" writes:
>On 2/7/07, alien <alien at mit.edu> wrote:
>> Having perused the Bitfrost paper and followed OLPC activity for some
>> time, I'm concerned that some important security issues have been
>> either written off as "out of scope" or are simply not being
>> addressed. These issues include:
>> 1) Child exploitation
>> 2) Inappropriate web surfing/spam/etc
>> 3) Security maintenence
>> 4) Hacking ethics
>I am not a member of OLPC, but just a concerned fellow.
>In the end, wetware issues are usually out of scope from any technical
>counter-measures. Putting technical counter-measures for general
>purpose computing usually gets too burdensome for usage.
>Most of these issues are items that need 'wet-ware' policies and
>guidelines to be resolved properly... and while I could see some
>general ones being written for the various governments to use as
>reference.. every country will want to probably do what they think is
>best for their children and may get  a little ticked if the system
>comes very burdened down with outside policies.
>In the cases of innappropriate surfing, exploitation.. it might be
>useful for the server system to have such controls on them, as they
>will be the 'end' points for the mesh network to communicate to the
>Internet. Again, a guidelines, but some countries may want to have XYZ
>blocked and vice versa.
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