[Research] Anybody out there?

Christoph Derndorfer christoph.derndorfer at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 07:18:50 EST 2012

Hi all,

looking through the archives it's been a while since anyone has posted on
this list...

Given that there are some renewed efforts and discussions concerning
research related to OLPC I was curious as to who is actually subscribed to
this list and what everyone here is working on?

As for myself: I'm the editor of the independent OLPC News and a volunteer
at OLPC (Austria). I've become increasingly interested in the research
around OLPC in particular and other 1-to-1 or ICT4E topics in general over
the past 2~3 years. I recently also contributed my first review of a paper
submitted to a journal and I used that opportunity to read up on some of
the more recent publications written on OLPC.

Looking forward to hearing from you, I'd really love to see this list
become a watercooler-like communication hub for all kinds of discussion
related to research efforts. :-)


Christoph Derndorfer

volunteer, OLPC (Austria) [www.olpc.at]
editor, OLPC News [www.olpcnews.com]
contributor, TechnikBasteln [www.technikbasteln.net]

e-mail: christoph at derndorfer.eu
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