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Sangamitra Ramachander sangamitra at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 11:13:36 EST 2007

Hi All:

SJ, thank you for setting up this research mailing list.

A quick introduction: I'm a Doctoral Student at the Oxford Internet
Institute, the University of Oxford, with an interest in ICTs and education.
My background is in Economics, with a specialization in International

As we start to develop our research ideas and plans, it would be great to
know the following, to help focus discussions based on what is feasible and
with an idea of the approximate time-frames:

1) A list of countries that will receive the laptops this year and the
tentative dates of deployments.

2) Who is responsible, within each country, for determining the recipients
of the XO's -- does the OLPC group have some say in this?

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to learning from this group.

Best regards,

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