[Repairs] [support-gang] Fwd: Serial adapter for repair centers cost question

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Fri May 23 14:53:06 EDT 2008

Steve Holton wrote:

>> 1 is the cable that you use for connections to the laptop serial port.
>> Qty 500 I've got a quote for $.50.
> These are the 4 slot connector for J1, right?


>> The 2nd is the custom usb to serial adapter which in its current form
>> will cost about $35 bucks or so.  Perhaps less if we buy them in larger
>> quantities.
> Are these essentially the same as this:
>   http://www.ftdichip.com/Products/EvaluationKits/TTL-232R-3V3.htm
> but with a 4 pin connector?

4 pin header that matches the exisiting OLPC cables. A spot to load a 5 
pin header and the footprint to load a 65 Mhz osc.  In addition it has 
the ability to do TTL<->RS232 as well as TTL<->USB and allows you to 
swap the TX/RX lines via jumpers so the rs232 part can be used with both 
null modem and straight cables.

I had them built with developers in mind as a swiss army knife for 
dealing with the laptop serial needs.

> Has anyone seen an interest (from XO owners, or weekend developers) in
> buying these cables for 'home' use?
> Is there any thougt about  repair centers selling a kit to build one
> of these from discrete components and boards? This is beginning to
> sound like franchising.

I'm hoping someone takes the ball and makes an e-bay store with exactly 
that.  I've toyed with doing it but I would just be lying to myself if I 
think I _actually_ have the time to manage such a thing.

Richard Smith  <richard at laptop.org>
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