[Power] [support-gang] 3 portable solar choices for XO-1? (and other XOlaptops, if poss!)

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 11:50:36 EST 2014

On 01/13/2014 11:48 PM, Janissa Balcomb wrote:

> individual, semi-flexible solar panels for the  XO-1 laptops (Item
> #GPSP151400, 15V 14W solar panel with 18V limiter.

Just FYI there is a typo somewhere.  It's a 15W 14V panel. Where 14V 
refers to the Vmp of the panel.  The part number seems correct as it 
matches whats on my datasheet.

> They come with the
> 1.7mm plug to fit the XO).  These panels are larger than the AuriaSolar
> ones, I think about 30” long.

Yes they are larger than the GP panel but effectively the Auria solar 
panel is a 10W panel rather than the rated value of 15W.  The thermal 
de-rating for polySi in the Auria panel is much larger than aSi used in 

Real world peak numbers would be:

10W GP:  7-8W
15W GP:  13ish (A guess since I've not tested it)
15W AS:	 10W

Actual of course varies considerably wrt sun intensity and alignment.

Richard A. Smith

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