[Power] 3 portable solar choices for XO-1? (and other XO laptops, if poss!)

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Mon Jan 13 23:17:31 EST 2014

1) Our community deployments are re-ordering from Richard Yu @ Gold Peak
(GPI): “Portable Solar Module, Item #GPSP151400, 15V 14W solar panel with
18V limiter” currently used for the expanding XO-1 deployment in Lesotho,
all thanks to Janissa Balcomb's keeps-on-ticking leadership: can anyone
remind/clarify whether the above works across all XO laptops (XO-1, XO-1.5,
XO-1.75, XO-4), or is the above unit only really for XO-1s?

2) We'd obviously like a suitcase-ready solar panel that works in as many
planetary situations as possible, aware this is unrealistic.  Still,
Lesotho's high-altitude/cold/bright XO-1 deployment will test a couple of
AuriaSolar.com's rigid panels in adverse conditions
(cold/bright/high-altitude) in both Idaho/Lesotho in coming weeks/months,
just in case these can actually work with XO-1s, so we all understand
better.  Very inspiring they're putting their neck out for all of us, if
others have advice/warnings!  That Auria Solar model being:

   "15-watt-solar-panel for XO-1.5, 1.75 and XO-4"  "XO-1 with minor
   "$69 each in quantity of 10"  "Dimensions: 13 inches by 16 inches"


3) Last but not least, we certainly don't want to dismiss the rollable
solar in Haiti's Ferrier School, magically fitting in a suitcase so great
for Peace Corps-style deployments.  But we have concerns it might not be
available long-term, having been told this product's been end-of-life'd by
the manufacturer:


Regardless, we're fine-tuning this system next week in Haiti, for XO-1s as
usual, thanks to Curt Thompson & James Murdza:


*Apologies the above survey knowledge may be a bit rusty: thanks anyone who
knows better than we, correcting misconceptions/omissions/decisionmaking
for grassroots deployments/All-  Finally those into Community Power for
underdeveloped countries (e.g. micro-utilities/microgrids for energy access
of all kind) please see my blog post "Unleashing Powerless Haiti" at
http://planet.laptop.org <http://planet.laptop.org>*

PS just a teaser on Janissa's Lesotho work until she properly presents her
experience in her own blog post @
http://olpc2010-lesotho.blogspot.comlater... "solar
panels & homemade energy-share cables - photos attached.  I made two
different types of energy-share cables [with Richard Smith's help] one with
the green XO loose plug cords (with a 1.7mm laptop-plug but without adapter
or outlet-plug) and one with all homemade parts.  For the later, I used
2.1mm plugs, and they fit the laptop pretty well.  The cables were a total
of 30-32’ long.  Combined with the 6’ of cable attached to each solar
panel, with the panels propped up outside the classroom window, this was
long enough to reach most places in the classroom...As you can see from the
outdoor photos, the high-elevation light there is pretty intense."

Unsung Heroes of OLPC, interviewed live @ http://unleashkids.org !
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