[Power] New XO 1.5 firmware with MPPT. Please test!

Ismael Schinca ischinca at plan.ceibal.edu.uy
Fri Apr 8 14:00:17 EDT 2011

Richard, here's a partial log using panelpwr from a charge using the latest
firmware. Unfortunately today is pretty cloudy here, so it wasn't the best
day for solar panel testing. Hope it's useful in some way.


2011/4/7 Richard A. Smith <richard at laptop.org>

> On 04/06/2011 03:18 PM, Ismael Schinca wrote:
>  Hey Richard! Here's a log from a partial battery charge in the following
>> conditions:
>> - XO 1.5HS using the firmware you sent
>> - Connected to an unregulated 10W panel
>> - Using the script rtcwake-log you sent I think it was from december
>> last year
> Thanks.  Your logs look good. FYI. I have a new version of that called
> panelpwr-log.  You should use that rather than rtcwake-log
> http://dev.laptop.org/~rsmith/power/panelpwr-log
>  Quick comments:
>> - The XO charging light was always on with the panel conected, even with
>> very low light.
> Yes.  This is expected.  Its trying very hard to charge (since the panel
> has voltage) but there just isn't any power.
>  - When the battery was full, the XO started doing that buzzing sound,
>> like when it works with a low voltage, only this time it was louder than
>> in that situation. I'm guessing maybe as the battery wasn't charging the
>> panel reached close to open circuit voltage and there was some pretty
>> heavy regulation going on?
> Sort of.  I disabled the mppt when the battery was full which means that
> the panel will get pulled down and the switcher will start to oscillate.
>  You hear the oscillations.  My latest version does not disable mppt when
> the battery is full.  This should fix that.
>  Just from this one, I would say that the firmware worked great! It's a
>> pitty I cannot verify with hard numbers the MPPT function.
> Thanks for your testing. Can you give q3a62e a spin with the new panel-pwr
> log?  That would be useful info for me.
> --
> Richard A. Smith  <richard at laptop.org>
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Ismael Schinca
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Montevideo - Uruguay.
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