[OLPC-Peru] Update on Uruguay

Greg Smith (gregmsmi) gregmsmi en cisco.com
Lun Mar 31 11:34:43 EDT 2008

FYI abajo.

Lo siento que no esta en espanol. Agradezco la ayuda, si alguien tiene
tiempo para traducirlo a Espanol.


Greg S


Hi All,

I had a call in February with Pablo a lead on the XO deployment in
Uruguay. Here are some impressions and lessons learned from their

The main point is that the kids like to blog! 

We really need to hear what they have to say too!

They need some help making that easier. See below for ways to sign up to
make that happen.

The XO roll out started in May in Villa Cardal with 150 children. Phase
2 is underway now. Targets for deployment are 150K XOs in 2008 and 300K
in the field by the end of 2009.

It went better than expected for the first 150 children and 6 teachers.
The level of teacher engagement is critical to generate excitement and
XO use by the children. Children used the XO much more when the teacher
was motivated. Classes with younger children used it less than older

Teachers had the choice about when they wanted to use the laptop. 

The only directives were:

- The teacher chooses the moment the laptops are used. However, they are
encouraged to use them.

- The laptops are used as a tool. They don't substitute books and
notepads, and the curriculum doesn't change.

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