[OLPC-Peru] reunión FLISOL meeting (attending as OLPC grassroots volunteer)

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Tue Feb 12 16:21:39 EST 2008

Today FLISOL (http://peru.flisol.net/) holds its third meeting to 
coordinate their huge nation wide installfest on a saturday in april.

I'm going with the ubuntu - peru crowd, with the intention of making a 
bridge to contact between our international volunteers from OLPC 
foundation and the local linux and free software activists.

I hope we can achieve to make this an open and transparent process and 
for this the involvement of the independent community is very important 
(currently there is officially and arbitrarily only one university 
involved in the deployment - namely a private one owned by the minister 
of education himself).

The idea is basically get a grassroots effort started, that is 
independent and can vouch for the transparency and report on the 
process, especially as this will document for other deployment conditions.

Also I've been informed "BiNaRi0" will be broadcasting live from Flisol 
meeting at #flisol2008-pe , at FreeNode.
Isnt that cool?

I'll report what goes on at the meeting tonight. Tomorrow I meet the 
team at the ministerio.

Truly yours,

Sebastian Silva

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