[Openec] Welcome!

Frieder Ferlemann frieder.ferlemann at web.de
Wed Jul 18 08:01:46 EDT 2007

Welcome to all participants!

Now a code skeleton is in how would we want to proceed?

Should we at first try to get a good debugging output?
Or collect the realtime requirements and then see
how they could be met?
Can we agree on maximum time slice a statemachine is allowed to take?
Or should we state areas of interest and then eventually
claim playgrounds?
Or should we post (invasive) patches/plans to the list so that
they can be commented on?
How would we want to resolve conflicts that will arise?
Which software tools on the XO would help?
Which hardware resources (oscilloscope and such) do we have?

Lots of open questions which probably would be unproductive to
fully discuss... Maybe we don't have to discuss at all and
things simply work out fine for themselves?)



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