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"A Byte of Python" is a pretty good text.  The Python tutorials aren't bad either.  But there doesn't seem to be much tutorial about PyGTK and almost nothing about developing an Activity for Sugar except http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Sugar_Almanacand

A couple of basic things to remember: (1) indentation COUNTS (unlike almost every other language you might have programmed in);  (2) global variables are read-only inside a function unless you explicitly say you want write-access to the variable.

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> Hi All, 
> Looking forward to meeting you all...always nice to meet people who 
> share your enthusiasm. 
> I won't be able to make todays meeting, but I was hoping you'd forgive 
> a newbie question: 
> I'm on a Mac (leopard), and would like to begin teaching myself 
> Python, with the goal of eventually developing some apps for the XO. 
> Any advice on where to start? I'm not a programmer. Decent HTML/css 
> experience, but that's it. 
> Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated! 
> Best, 
> Lee Cohen 
> www.affectedclapping.net 
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