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Antoine van Gelder children at laptop.org.za
Mon Jun 25 08:35:12 EDT 2007


One learner, one laptop
Futhi Ntshingila 	
Published:Jun 24, 2007

A group of volunteers has launched an ambitious project to provide every 
pupil with a laptop by the end of next year.

The group, which calls itself One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), said it was 
targeting rural schools in the Eastern Cape to run trials for its 
plastic laptops that boast a four-hour battery and built-in Wi-Fi.

The group’s leader, Antoine van Gelder, said 15 people in South Africa 
had already volunteered to make the project a reality.

The project is modelled on the worldwide OLPC — a brainchild of MIT 
media lab’s Nicholas Negroponte — and supported by the United Nations.

The project has already conducted successful tests in countries such as 
Nigeria, Argentina, Nepal and Mexico.

Van Gelder said the plastic machines would be hard to break.

“They are waterproof so you can stand in the rain and it won’t be 
destroyed. The aim is to budget in a way that each child can get a 
laptop for free.”

Van Gelder said school teachers would be trained so that they can teach 
the children how to use the laptops.

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