[Olpc-za] A Journey into Constructivism

Leone Meyer jeff at wildcoast.com
Sat Aug 25 03:37:40 EDT 2007

There is so much in the last three postings from Jeff that needs to  
be debated. It seems to me that unless olpcza knows exactly where it  
is going and what it wants to achieve and unless it speaks with one  
voice (or at least similar voices) it may come to a sticky end. You  
are all busy people engaged in the daily grind. However, even if it  
is a 'slow' debate it would be better than none. In fact doing things  
'slowly' is a new buzz word, not so?

I am mulling over things and will do a posting as soon as things have  
clarified  -slowly-  in my oap, ex-teacher's mind.

On 24 Aug 2007, at 10:31, Jeff wrote:

> http://dougiamas.com/writing/constructivism.html
> Cultural myths that are prevalent in today's education systems  
> include (Taylor, 1996):
> The rationalist myth of cold reason - where knowledge is seen as  
> discovery of an external truth. This can lead to the picture of the  
> teacher in a central role as transmitter of objective truths to  
> students. This philosophy does not promote clarifying relevance to  
> the lives of students, but instead promotes a curriculum to be  
> delivered.
> The myth of hard control - which renders the teacher's classroom  
> role as controller, and "locks teachers and students into grossly  
> asymmetrical power relationships designed to reproduce, rather than  
> challenge, the established culture".
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