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¡Hola a todos!...

Si no has visto esta presentación antes ahora, tal vez se gustraían participar de manera remota. Será en inglés. Entonce, voy a mandar la información en inglés también:

If you haven't seen this presentation before, you might want to check it out this Tuesday.  It will be presented live at the ISTE (formerly NECC) conference in Denver and you can also attend remotely.  The time given is 11 am to 12 pm Denver time.

It tells how resources on the net can be used to teach about current events in the world.  The topic used for the example in the presentation is last summer's elections in Iraq.  It will show how teachers can utilize Twitter and other tools to make a meaningful experience for their students.

While the events related to the election were pretty heavy stuff and probably best suited to using with older students, the principles and techniques used to put the lesson together can be used with any age-appropriate current event topic.

Here is a link to more information which includes the link to use for remote attendance.



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