[Olpc-uk] Contributors Program Application OLPC UK / Regional XO Laptop Library Proposal

Martin Dengler martin at martindengler.com
Fri Mar 27 22:40:20 EDT 2009


Please consider this application for a Regional XO Laptop Library for
OLPC UK, submitted in accord with the criteria and additional
questions[1] outlined on the wiki.

For ease of review the Application Criteria are included inline at the
end of this email, but we are maintaining them on the wiki - so as to
most easily improve with feedback - at this URL:


(please excuse the slightly off-target URL - enthusiasm running
slighty ahead of ontological rigour)

Please let me/us know any feedback - guidance welcome.


1. http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Contributors_program_criteria#Proposed_criteria_for_starting_a_Regional_XO_Laptop_Library

Application Questions and answers:

=== Requirements ===

==== what is your active library URL? ====

The URL is http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_UK/Repair_Centre .

==== policy mechanics of loans/returns ====

Similar to other library proposals:

* we expect requests to be made in person at an OLPC UK meeting /
  event or via the olpc-uk at lists.laptop.org mailing lists

* requests will be recorded on olpc-uk mailing list regardless of how
  they were originally received.  When this volume becomes to high for
  a mailing list, a shared document will be set up (google docs, git
  repo) to allow librarians to record loans/receipts

* standard requests will be for one month each

* we expect requests to be for two laptops at a time to maximise

==== how will you give back to the OLPC/Sugar community ====

Our OLPC UK mailing list includes prominent members of the OLPC and
SugarLabs community with a track record of delivering software and
community benefits.  We will build on that background by:

* encouraging and mentoring laptop recipients to give them the best
  opportunity to become long-term members of the community

* keeping very close touch with the wider community at devel at l.o,
  {ieap,sugar-devel}@sl.o, fedora-olpc, and all the OLPC groups we
  have personal relationships with (e.g., OLPC Austria comes to mind)

==== Long-term plans ====

We plan to keep going on this as long as the laptops hold up (and of
course longer).  Many members of OLPC UK have been around since G1G1
2007 and remain active today.

==== Trend analysis ====

We will report library statistics via a glance-able Google Chart
display and the raw data in CSV hosted on an easily-accessible


=== Suggestions and further questions ===

==== demonstrate detail-oriented librarian skills ====

[[User:MartinDengler|Martin]] is a programmer, so there's some
detail-oriented skills in his background.  I hope the above details
will provide additional comfort.

==== articulating how laptops will continually recirculate & new
projects seeded & fertilized ====

At FOSDEM 2009, Martin met with many people who were very excited
about the XO, Sugar, and their potential.  Martin carries his XO to
work every day and continually gets questions about it - it's easy to
generate buzz and gather interested people.  What's lacking is often a
way to become familiar with the capabilities of the platform (XO and
Sugar) in real-time and a community around it.  We're addressing the
community with the acceleration of OLPC UK and the hardware + software
platform with this application.

==== outreach & buzz-creating acumen ====

OLPC UK members have created buzz on the web, mainstream media (UK
TV's "Gadget Show"), and just by walking around with XOs all the time.

==== Other libraries and mentoring ====

We'd certainly benefit from learning from other libraries like OLPC
Australia and XO Austin.  We would definitely be available to mentor

==== Growing the group ====

The OLPC UK group is getting going and already has had some very
promising outreach to schools and funding sources.  Getting people
involved in using the hardware and developing software is certainly
not going to be a problem - getting the laptops back from loan might
be (HHOS).  We will address continuity and scalability issues by
ensuring that the OLPC UK mailing list is always in the loop in
discussions and ensuring that at least three people have access to the
XO inventory in order to loan it out.

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