[Olpc-uk] Plz Apply: Free XO Laptop Parts Machines!

Martin Dengler martin at martindengler.com
Thu Mar 26 19:52:09 EDT 2009

These are used machines but given that we're one of the groups listed
on holt's cited wiki page I think it'd be great to see if anyone else
is interested in both/either 1) putting together a project proposal to
kick off OLPC-UK's do-some-XO-hacking efforts; 2) seeding a
UK repair centre.  It sounds like we might be able to have a shot at
getting 5 or so XOs if we can put together a compelling proposal

If you have any ideas please reply-to-all or catch me on freenode.net
#sugar (I'm nickname "mtd").


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Dear Tinkerers, Community Repair Centers & Friends

To reduce OLPC's ongoing storage fees, we are drawing down our inventory 
of returned/used hardware -- Help Us Go Green!

    45 DOA XO Laptops (D Stock)
    Seed your own repair center or expand it!
    Many of these can be repaired using: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Fix_Clock

    AT LEAST 85 Mangled XO Laptops (M Stock)
    Several of these machines still work, but have generally have 1 or 
more very serious physical defect.

    219 Used US/Canada Chargers (Chargers)
    Most of these work absolutely fine!

I'd like to give these all away, to any deserving groups, Repair 
Centers, or motivated individuals doing good work in our community!
I may also sell some of the above items to XOexplosion.com or 
iLoveMyXO.com as appropriate, if they are interested in second-hand 

ALL proposals will be considered (individuals & groups) if you send me 
an email ASAP within the next few days describing:

ÃÂ    * What you want above, exactly how many of each, how you intend to 
use them.
    * Shipping is free of charge to most locations worldwide.  You must 
include a COMPLETE shipping address AND phone number.  We do not ship to 
PO Boxes.
    * We should have plenty to go around, but if a large number of 
people apply, I will favor groups that:
        - share larger amounts of hardware, or are working with existing 
community groups such as: http://groups.laptop.org
        - take initiative starting an XO Laptop Lending Library, as 
outlined here: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Contributors_program_criteria
        - have a proven track record of helping others, eg: 
    * Indicate your flexibility; EG. if you want 10 units each of XYZ, 
but would accept 5 of X and Y.
    * All Hardware & Shipping & Customs Issues ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

ASIDE: if you are looking for brand new XO Laptops, they are available 
separately here, also free, if you join our spirit-of-building:

    (generally on a loaner basis so you later share with others in your 

Thanks :)
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