[Olpc-uk] spreading the word about the 1st meeting

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Thu Mar 26 19:37:24 EDT 2009

Hi all,

For the april meeting, so far we have:
- announcement on this mailing list
- wiki page which we'll keep up to date
- upcoming announcement on olpcnews.com
- announcement on my blog which appears on planet.laptop.org and

Anyone have more ideas for channels of getting the word out?

Here are some more ideas from me:
- send a quick mail to the grassroots mailing list including wiki link
(you could copy/paste from my blog, more or less)
- same as above, for the olpc-open mailing list
- try and find LUGs in London, Cambridge and other local areas, and
invite them (post to their mailing lists)

I'm looking for volunteers for the above... anyone interested? :)
(if so, just go ahead and do it, and then send us a note here that
it's been done!)


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