[Olpc-uk] 27th May 2009 - Meeting Minutes

Michael Jordan michael_jordan50 at bigpond.com
Mon Jun 1 05:40:16 EDT 2009

Hello all,


I have pasted below the agenda items and related outcomes from last
Wednesday's meeting of OLPC UK.


The next meeting date soon to be finalised and will be well worth attending
with representatives involved closely with OLPC deployments attending.




Meeting 3, 2009

May 27, 6.30pm


Attendees: Kunal Vora, Warren Pimm, Martin Dengler, Peter Robinson, Dom
Baker, Michael Jordan, Amir Ansari, Paul Dorrell


Item 1:

Pilot September 2009

a.    Progress Update (Warren Pimm)

b.    Deployment Issues and Requirements (Peter Robinson)

c.     Curriculum Issues and Requirements

d.    Pilot Discussion

Discussion Outcomes

*	School pilot discussions to be held with 2 schools next week
*	Peter on top of deployment issues; managing the technical aspects of
the deployment
*	The pilot discussions to be managed by Warren Pimm, Peter Robinson,
Amir Ansari
*	Paul advised that the pilot should include XO's for other teachers
to encourage future involvement in OLPC


Item 2:

OLPC UK Promotion

a.    Minutes from IRC Chat (Faisal Sadeq Khan)

b.    Logo Concepts

c.     Goals of promotion activity

d.    PR Concepts - Pilot Focused

e.    Website Updated (Dom Baker)

f.     Draft Timeline of Promotion Activity

Discussion Outcomes

*	Marketing was discussed by the group and the decision was to set up
separate committee meetings focused on Marketing and PR to plan the post
pilot marketing activity
*	Decision that OLPC UK needs to have runs on the board prior to full
marketing effort being launched; but that the planning process for that
marketing need begin immediately
*	Request for everyone to email in to the mailing list all
suggestions, thoughts and ideas for the marketing of OLPC UK for
consideration at the Marketing and PR Meeting.


Time and date for this meeting has been sent to the mailing list separately.


Item 3:

OLPC UK Organisation

a.    Charity Organisation registration - the requirements and pitfalls

b.    Open Discussion - timing of formal organisation creation

Discussion Outcome:

An expert in charity structure and management has been engaged to identify
the most relevant structure and plan this component. This will be presented
to the group in the July meeting



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