[Olpc-uk] Marketing - OLPC UK Mission and the BRitish Moroccan Society

Martin Dengler martin at martindengler.com
Thu Jul 9 06:00:51 EDT 2009

On Thu, Jul 09, 2009 at 02:43:46AM -0700, Benedicte Clarkson wrote:

> and I am missing something because last time I looked at the project
> proposal form, it said you can borrow up to 10 laptops to start
> with.

1) OLPC UK runs a library.  From the library, one can borrow laptops.
   We have 10 laptops to lend out.

2) You can start your own library, for/in Morrocco.  Then _you_ would
   have laptops and _you_ could lend them out.

Do you want to use 1) or do 2)?  For 1), we have will probably have
two laptops available in a month (like I said in my previous emails -
please read them as they have other information too).

For 2), that's what Adam is talking about, and you need to talk to

Does that clear it up?

> Benedicte

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