[Olpc-uk] Marketing - OLPC UK Mission

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 19:11:28 EDT 2009

> Just to echo what Phil has said, Doms design does look very nice. It's very
> important that we have a solid structure of site content in place before we
> really start proper work on it. From experience I know that just 'getting
> something out there' isnt always the best way with these kinds of things -
> restructuring a website when you realise that it doesnt quite do what you
> want often means many hours of unnessesary extra work later on, so the
> sooner people can help out with anything from actual content to ideas about
> what they would like to see on an OLPC UK website in the future the better.
> Even if we dont implement everything immediately, it's good to know the end
> goal so that other things can be planned around it.

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