[Olpc-sysadmin] wiki.laptop.org upgrade

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Dec 4 12:30:01 EST 2008

Ed McNierney wrote:
> Perhaps I missed it, but I do not recall any email review or discussion of
> the value or need for either OpenID or a MediaWiki update, and I don't
> understand how we made the decision that either was more valuable than
> keeping one of our two major public sites online.
> Having volunteer assistance for systems administration is extremely
> valuable, but that assistance must be coordinated and communicated with the
> rest of the team.

Maybe you missed it, but it was discussed twice in the weekly VIG
meetings, to which you were participating. There was a ticket open in
RT for almost one month.  Feature requested by Luke, ticket opened by
Mel, reviewed by Kim, approved by Henry.  Before proceeding, we asked
CScott and SJ, and sent a notice to devel at .  I was also supposed to
also meet with you yesterday, but you weren't around.

So I really don't think it could have publicized it more than this.

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