[Sur] [SLOBS] Today's meeting topic: Financial report first quarter 2017 by mail

Laura Vargas laura en somosazucar.org
Vie Ago 4 17:55:02 EDT 2017

Thank you Adam,

Will look at the numbers in your email.

I would like to understand what is the *procedure* we are using for
allocating funds to language translations. Can you please point me the way?
I am very much interested in pushing forward an image project specifically
designed to learn -and rescue- Guaraní, Muisca and EseEja, all relevant
languages to Mercosur countries and their Sugar deployments.

All your advice will be appreciated.

Regards and blessings,

Laura Victoria

SLOB Note: As a Board member I believe it will be pertinent to always copy
the Board (if not all the IAEP mailing list) on all financial transactions
related emails among Sugar Labs liason/representative and the Conservancy.

Laura V.
* I&D SomosAZUCAR.Org*

“Solo la tecnología libre nos hará libres.”
~ Laura Victoria

Happy Learning!
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