[Sur] [Sugar-devel] [SLOB] another motion (Quispe trip to Translation Summit)

Sebastian Silva sebastian en fuentelibre.org
Jue Mayo 12 13:40:09 EDT 2016

El 12/05/16 a las 10:33, Chris Leonard escribió:
> I would note that, as requested, Edgar provided a brief write-up of
> the event afterwards (in Spanish),


Please note that one of the speakers (Roger Gonzalo) is the person that
was hired by the Ministry of Education to polish Edgar's Sugar Aymara
translations (at the same time that Edgar was hired by Sugar Labs last

Since their work conflicted, it would be interesting to hear from Edgar
if he had a conversation about it with Roger and what conclusions /
plans they have to resolve their conflicts with regard to Aymara language.

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