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Adam Holt holt en laptop.org
Mie Mayo 11 15:19:10 EDT 2016

On May 11, 2016 2:55 PM, "Sebastian Silva" <sebastian en fuentelibre.org>
> El 11/05/16 a las 13:40, Adam Holt escribió:
> > This was clarified when I joined SL Oversight Board at the end of
> > 2009, and again exhaustively re-clarified at the beginning of this year.
> Can you point me to where this was "exhaustively re-clarified" ?
> Thanks!

Kindly read the minutes of SL Oversight Meetings from earlier this year,
where I laid this out in explicit detail, precisely so we don't leave lead
lives of eternal parliamentary snafus, with several new board members who
did plainly did not understand voting, even after explanation.

Feel free to read the several failed motions (late autumn 2009, and late
autumn 2015 are 2 examples) which received a majority of "those who
bothered to vote" but failed to muster the required 4 votes (majority of
seats) to actually pass.

It's high time we start encoding these facts (de facto nonprofit bylaws)
into Governance pages so we/all give curious newcomers functional
transparency, earning their trust.

Specifically I'm hoping SL Board secretary (Dave Crossland has agreed to
serve) can invest some moments this wkd, publishing agreed voting
procedures / who exactly are our nonprofit's members today / how many /
what is the true criterion for joining / etc, so we can move beyond the
Tyranny of Structurelessness at long last!
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