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Vie Abr 1 11:25:30 EDT 2016

Yes! Please accommodate Samson's request! I know how hard it is for him to have connectivity,

From: dave en lab6.com
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2016 11:13:38 -0400
To: laura en somosazucar.org
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On 31 March 2016 at 04:02, Samson Goddy <samsongoddy en gmail.com> wrote:
I will suggest that the samson proposal should be taken first in the
meeting tomorrow. the meeting is 8pm by nigerian time and the cyber
cafe i will using closes by 9pm. so i dont want to miss out.
On 1 April 2016 at 11:03, Laura Vargas <laura en somosazucar.org> wrote:
The new proposed agenda for today's meeting would look like this:
1. Sugar Vision (Lionel)2. Rules of the Road (Adam)3. Google Summer of Code status (Walter)4. Sugar Translation Projects Fund (Laura) See [0]5. Request from Edgar Quispe to attend Traducción e interpretación en las lenguas originarias del Perú meeting in Lima (Walter and CJL)6. I18n manager discussion (Tony)7. Proposal from Samson Goddy re i18n in Nigeria (Walter and CJL)8. Wiki Cleanup Party planning (Walter)
9. Treasurer position and process (Adam and Caryl) See [1]
10 . Your Topic Here...
I would like to suggest items 4-7 be moved to 1-4 to honor Samson's request


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