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Vie Abr 1 03:47:48 EDT 2016

Hello Localization list,

Please review the following 3 Motions for Sugar Labs related to the Sugar
Projects Translation's Fund to be considered at the SLOBs meeting 04/01/16 .

(Here is the link to the editable pad: http://pad.publiclab.org/p/SPTF )

*Sugar Projects Translation's Fund*

*Proposed **New** Motion:*
All funds raised by any Sugar Labs community member in the name of Sugar
Project's translations must be directed to the “Sugar Projects
Translation's Fund”.

   - *Purpose*

   - The purpose of the fund is to serve as a source of capital for any
   interested party to be able to complete and/or manage one or more Sugar
   related Translation Project.

*Proposed **New** Motion:*
The present SugarLabs Oversight board appoints the current Translation's
Committee, with the full responsability of reviewing, upgrading, approving
and overseeing Sugar Translation Projects and Proposals made by any
interested party, with special attention to Native Languages communities.

*Proposed **New** Motion:*

*Requests for funds: *will be presented to the Translation's Committee, in
writing, with copy to the IAEP mailing list and the Localization mailing
list, at least 72 hours in advance of the monthly scheduled "Translation
Committee Meeting". Committe members shall vote during the meeting for
approval by simple majority.

All interested parties, must also send the proposal to the IAEP mailing
list and the Localization mailing list, in advance.

Remenber the link to editable pad is: http://pad.publiclab.org/p/SPTF

Thank you all,

Laura Victoria

IRC kaametza

Happy Learning!
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