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Great Walter for the analogy..."the desire to explore for the unknown"...

2015-07-16 11:41 GMT-04:00 Walter Bender <walter.bender en gmail.com>:

> == Sugar Digest ==
> 1. I gave a talk at Aldea Digital [1] -- a two-week long public event
> in Mexico DF that is sponsored by the Carlos Slim Foundation -- at the
> same time that the New Horizons space probe was passing the orbit of
> Pluto. The path to Pluto was anything but straight. NASA utilized
> multiple gravitational slingshots to accelerate the spacecraft, and
> direct and redirect its path. E.g., New Horizons approached Jupiter
> not to visit Jupiter, but to use the planet’s speed around the sun to
> increase the spacecraft's velocity (relative to the sun). I used the
> occasion to make an analogy to Sugar: we have built a FOSS platform
> that we intend as intellectual slingshots. Our goal is not to simply
> immerse the student in learning a particular language or toolkit or
> achieve a particular curriculum goal, but to use the immersion as a
> means to stimulate them to pursue their own goals and ambitions.
> New Horizons, regardless of the success of its science mission, has
> already succeeded in tapping into a very human trait, the desire to
> explore the unknown and reach to new heights, hopefully enthusing the
> next generation of children to push even further. It is my hope that
> Sugar, in its small way, taps into the same human trait, also
> enthusing the next generation of children to push their limits.
> 2. Another Turtle workshop, also at Aldea Digital. I did an impromptu
> Turtle workshop here last year, using Sugar on a Stick to boot a bunch
> of Windows computers into Sugar. This year I used the web version of
> Turtle Blocks. The kids did fun projects and I am hoping because it is
> web based there may be some follow up this time. Carla Gomez Monroy
> (and her son Ian) joined me at the workshop, which made it extra fun.
> === In the community ===
> 3. Call for papers for the special issue of RED (Journal of Distance
> Education):"Skills for coding and pre-coding":
> * Deadline for submitting manuscripts: 31 July 2015
> * Estimated Publishing Date: 15 September 2015.
> Publishing standards and guidelines for authors can be found at [2].
> Llamada a contribuciones para el número especial de RED (Revista de
> Educación a Distancia): "Competencias para la codificación y la
> precodificación":
> * Fecha límite para enviar manuscritos: 31deJuliode 2015
> * Fecha estimada para la publicación: 15 de Septiembre de 2015.
> Normas de publicación y pautas para los autores [2].
> === Tech Talk ===
> 4. Please help Martin and the Developer Team test Sugar 106 [3]. Your
> feedback is important to us.
> === Sugar Labs ===
> 5. Please visit our planet [4].
> -walter
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> Walter Bender
> Sugar Labs
> http://www.sugarlabs.org
> [1] http://www.aldeadigitalmx.com
> [2] http://www.um.es/ead/red/normasRED.htm#_Toc324610817
> [3] http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.106/Testing
> [4] http://planet.sugarlabs.org
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