[Sur] Fwd: [support-gang] New shipment of Dispaly Screens arrived-- <$40 to deployments

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Vie Sep 26 06:24:49 EDT 2014

Para quienes necesitaban pantallas de XOs

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Subject: [support-gang] New shipment of Dispaly Screens arrived-- <$40 to
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Support gang,

I Love My XO has received a large quantity of display screens (for XO-1,
XO-1.5, XO-1.75) thanks to the hard work of OLPC, Miami.

For deployments, selling price is less than $40 plus shipping from USA
zipcode 48480. This joins floor brick power adapters in stock in quantity.

No keyboards / Base Upper Assemblies or batteries in stock and none

Contact I lovemyxo en gmail.com  .  (note:  website ilovemyxo.com is in
transition ).

Carrol, I Love My XO
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