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Mie Jul 23 17:22:23 EDT 2014

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0.98 - 0.100

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Notas de la versión:
98e2516 Improve resize of table when the screen is rotated
c1cf727 Fix card not flop with multiple fast tuches
a216a52 Reorganize widgets in createcard panel depending on screen orientation
ca7c9d9 Vertical align to center the game table
3216a22 Set right color in empty cardlist background
58d9358 Solve the error adding imges or audio to art4apps games
ebc553b Solve the problems saving games with images or sounds
845bbb4 Allow change the image in a card
f2a6a02 Don't mark a model as modified whwn wasn't
29e0c1c SvgCard use image_paths properties instead of pixbufs
9692628 Use logging instead of logger
bee806f Assign border_color to selected pair in the cardlist instead of background
56c4573 Improve sizes and spacing on edition screen
3b869ff Set a different grey in the background color for cards 1 and 2
bd36882 Don't block on a sound playing to allow flip the second card
1f288e9 Better load of images
f555486 Fix robot face display
4c40e9d Fix notification of found pair on collaboration
b4b05f4 Make scoreboard a hbox
cd87919 Make corner radius depend on card size
a6a231e Move Remove pair functionality from cardlist to cretecardpanel
b604db2 Start reorganization of edition screen
94d0424 Remove theme.py
84d843b Avoid error with multiple clicks while flipping
d6a9368 FIx setting background color
8f9c2df Improve colors for better contrast
27f0442 Remove scrolledwindow on scoreboard
99fbb96 Center table, change colors
92f52c0 Reorbanize main screen and scoreboard
6f53911 Animate flip when pieces match
52b7129 Remove redundant code used to check if there are text to draw on svgcard
1ee2cea Fix add a image to a card
9d81894 Simplify control of presence of image in the card
222c2e0 Remove unused align parameter in SvgCard
4791831 Remove unusued current_face
4f23fb7 Implement flop animation
1c3df79 Implement flip animation
bcde5c0 Remove custom draw on Face
f22f1ac Cache the surfaces used to draw both sides of the card
0781c3b Remove the use of the opacity property
ec5dc7d Simplify the draw of the highlighted state
0c5d4d1 Remove unusued cache
3d0a4af Remove unused svgcard properties
8df10e6 Remove gtk wait operations
711cda0 Pep8 fixes
cead2b4 Replace the use of a svg file to draw the cards
132c47f Set max_participants = 2
28684d6 Order the players
328584f Avoid error when joining already started game
ee1ad6d Fix collaboration of art4apps games

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