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Vie Feb 14 15:40:38 EST 2014

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0.94 - 0.100

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Thanks to Agustin Zubiaga and Ignacio Rodriguez by the help.

02a726b Version 40
9bd0e49 Open the main source when start a new activity
46b9aeb Make some search methods private
7928c68 Fix search: when the search text change, search the next ocurrence
768c954 Make welcome page a class
1cc2127 Fix resize of notebook hidding scrollbars
705719a Add a run activity button
07c1760 Pyflake fixes
28527bc Fix set the activity name in the treeview title and the title
59f79fc Remove unused code
5397867 Merge branch 'gtk3'
9b9317f Revert "Remove unused code"
e254aa3 Revert "Fix set the name of the activity in development"
96517d4 Add a view of the icon for svg files
fba4fda Pep8 fixes
18b4066 Fixes in new file alert
4bee5be Simplify management of dirty flags
9664d3c Reorganize source_editor relation with rhe activity
e42cda3 reMove code to open a log file to sourceview_editor
9558b52 Initial fix for symbols tree
379263f LogViewer: add shell.log. Simplify path variables
3add3f3 Big logviewer refactoring. Fix update of opened files
7030f1f LogViewer: fix monitoring of new files
10e92ae Fix save and restore opened session files
78715fe Remove activity_model.py
bffd92a Make variable name more conssitent
fe8192c Fix upate the tree when the tab is selected
46fc8d2 Search working
292cceb Load log & python files, monitoring don't work
89b921b Make logviewer don't use activity_model
79f3486 Refactor activity tree view
7dfc36e Fix set the name of the activity in development
c09b9f6 Remove unused code
b327e97 Initial port to gtk3. Starts, but can't open a activity
3c07857 Fix broken search
2c2b862 Set background color in the logs to gray to show are read only
04e78b4 Fix opening of log files
66322fb Select the right tab when a file is opened
3e7b288 Fix selection of a already opened file
9fa47d4 Fix close tab button error
186f0de Don't save in the journal when a source file is selected
0d2fa8d Comment code related to "replace text" button
dc5fb39 Simplfy logging
f205aa4 Remove toolbar with file operations
d603ff8 Add a button to create a new file, and to remove a file
9a71b02 Add tooltip to save_bundle button
3c72668 Use skeletons to create activities
d522716 Add skeletons
a4f4adb Improve welcome screen (new activity)
bc5c498 Improve welcome screen (edit activity)
656d8ea Better icons for sources, symbols ands logs radiotoolbuttons
a3ce4ea Make black and white the symbol icons
a0031f8 Pep8 fixes
7a3e1f2 Comment advanced search options and replace because are not working
1adf61a Fix simple search
5fa3c22 Avoid error if a activity.info file can't be read
01a68d0 Fix error with activity path management
2388459 Add .gitignore
f9c1e6e Removing intermediate levels
4464761 Add symbols treestore
415fc55 Init instrospection
b5cfe92 Remove unused import
dd957d8 Add a button to save a bundle in the journal
a563cdf Change initial message due to changes in the activity behaviour
f36308c Change the way read_file and write_file works
c2ad286 Fix add and remove of log files
9073e31 Replace use of self.get_nth_page(i) by self._get_page(i)
0e68392 Implement file monitoring in logviewer using gio
63bf4ee Add a file with pending tasks
6eeb51a Treeview and Editor width fixed
6902f09 Use browse tabs
90f5ae2 Fix copy, paste, undo, redo
1438165 Fix activity.info, remove deprecated service_name
b1a721d Fix empty activity template
75fe7ba Replace the welcome dialog by a page in the notebook
b8f4377 Editor fixes
0f6fecd Remove unneded column from log treeview
ca47ccc Fix scrollbars
1d8acff Use radio buttons in the toolbar to toggle list of sources and log files
d38fb36 Remove code to update MANIFEST file
779cbd1 Use new toolbars
f4bffb4 Pylint fixes
56f280e Use logging methods instead of a logger object
c70c178 Pep8 fixes in sourceview_editor.py
2531c08 Pep8 fixes in new_activity.py
4114e29 Pep8 fixes in logviewer.py
6529af6 Pep8 fixes in activity_model.py
0eddc52 Pep8 fixes in welcome_dialog.py
d4d70aa Remove unneded bundle.py
498daa8 Pep8 fixes in develop_app.py
15e5faa Remove unneded activity.py
9ae482e Minimal changes to make the activity start and open files

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