[Sur] [Sugar-devel] My proposals to improve sugar:

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez en gmail.com
Mie Nov 6 20:31:04 EST 2013

On 7 November 2013 02:00, Flavio Danesse <fdanesse en gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks Daniel , I'll try again.
> I tried on several occasions to contribute in this way, but I see two
> problems :
> Generally not work in ubuntu

It's supposed work on Ubuntu. If it doesn't for you post the errors you are
getting and we will get it fixed.

> and has the disadvantage that you can not prove what you do on the xo .

I never tested but you should be able to get sugar-build working on the XO
itself. If you give it a try and run into issues let me know. I'm pretty
sure I'll be able to make it work.

> The other problem is the time of applying patches , that is, if you get
> excited to make big changes with several days , in the code , you run the
> risk that none of the patches are applied.
In my case , I think it would be better to work with someone who has the
> ability to fast track the contributions of code so you can go as you apply
> them or you can send instantly to object to keep moving forward in
> development.

Everyone is on the fast track these days! :)

Patches gets feedback pretty quickly. If you are making big changes and are
worried about conflicts, or if you would like some early feedback to know
that patches are going in a good direction,  just post a note here or in
irc. Someone will look at them.

Give it a try. I know this used to be an issue (I run into it myself, I
have a big set of bitrotten patches that never landed completely), but I
don't think it happens anymore these days.
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